My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Baru sekarang feel nak pergi PLKN tu terasa yg amat amat. Sedih setiap malam. Memang la enjoy pegi hidup dekat saner. *mengikut pengalaman sr yg pnh pergi Tapi ney bukan masalah aku enjoy ke tak nak hidup dekat sane,ney masalah lain. And it is too complicated to be told. Setakat elaun RM150 sebulan tu,apa la sgt kalau nak dibandingkan aku pergi keje carik pengalaman. Baik aku ambik lesen kereta sumer,dah sempat nak dapt L dgn P. Yg emak pulak kalot suruh packing awal2. Mau tak mau aku sumbat jea la ape yg patot.

This is about someone. Someone that is honestly I said, he is truly important in my life. He makes me smile in the early morning just because i read his text. Even it is just a good morning text :) Nahh,that's why when I have to go to somewhere else for this 3 months,its really hurts him. And it hurts me too when I know he is sad because of me.

What I would like to say is, I am sorry for this thing even you have said to me that it was not my fault. But I can't afford that,I know it's my fault because I have make you sad. I'm sorry for those silly things. I promise I would not ever forget you, even a day. You know you are my soulmate,forever and always. InsyaAllah :')

And for you,do tc of yourself. I would always be with you through the day and night,through thick or thin :')

i you :))

this one for you dear :)

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