My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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perktaan penghargaan mmg sgt berharga.
sampai kan dalam folio yg kiter buad time sekolah rendah dulu dulu,sampai la ke folio kerjaya,bahagian pneghargaan mesti adaa.betapa penting nya bahagian penghargaan itu.

same goes to life.sometimes we feel like we are at the top of the world when somebody say or do something that show their appreciation at us.and i would to say thanks to :

thanks for the info about the meaning of 'in an open relationship'.now i had changed it into SINGLE.haha that sounds more meaningful right ? :PP

she says to me,

"kyra,kao la pembakar smgt aku.aku tak tao la cmne aku kalao kao tade".

this girl,even i'm not so close with her,but i can she is my best friend also in class.thanks for that word.i feel like i was totally being appreciated by you nonie :)

those words make me feel really euphoric.ohh goshhh,

"x sdeh pun,psal ade ko la,x best sdeh2"

"aq rse ko ni kn more than a frenz kot,bg aq la"

haha pojan.even i don't know really deep about you,but you really a best friend ever ! u know what,that time u really make feel exuberant.thanks a lot yeahh.
*act janjan tuu aku merapu sikitt hee~

fatin hazirah
hey thanks for ur post about me at ur new blog.yeahh its true.ur new blog is kinda more simple and faster than before for it to loading.and please,i guess you put pic more.sometime pictures give a lot of meaning than words.right fatin ? :) thanks !

look,can you see how much words showing appreciation can make someone to smile a lot and give a big grin.heyy guys,love your friends as long as they are call FRIENDS ♥

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