My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Do our life are perfectly peace and harmony if it still being surrounded with hate and enemies?I'm sure all of human kind will say 'No'.And so am I.To all my friends,buddies and my 'last-long' friends,I'm so sorry if my words sometimes hurt.It just to realize all of you and what I am feeling on that time.Hopefully all of you can understand perfectly.I'm so sorry :) I'm not to mean anything else.But people do keep make mistakes right?And so myself too.And apologize is also an another word to be write and talk for the human eternity.Its all depend on ourselves and how do our minds are thinking.But giving apologize is the best way of all.Hahaha.Take my words and change for your sake.New years had arrive and I guess you should apologize those of your friends include me :))

Thanks thanks.Its my honor to forgive all of you after what you have done.
Sometimes words are more hurt than we attack them physically.Sorry dude !


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