My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Whisk Me Away
Angry is just another word.
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I hate that person.He/she said that I'm completely been arrogant with him/her.Dude,can you understand the situation by your own?I just don't want to disturb you.Plus,when I am contacting you,you just like 'acuh tak acuh' with me.There,you do it.Not me.Thats why sometime I feel like I am lazy to text you.Even,I want to do so.Huhh,really messing up the situation.I know what will happen after this.I'm really sure that after the war that you are attending right now,you will totally forget me.And its okay uncle/aunty.Idc at all ;) You go with your life.And please,change your bad and 'smelly' attitude.You used to be my best friend but now?Huh.

p/s ; saper makan cili,dyer terase pedas nye :DD

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