My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Sick of u !
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Versi Dayane ;

you do know that i'm sick of you. jokes?? too much, guy! i hate it. trust me. you'll never should be dreaming of having a walk with me oke? if i really want to, i already have my friends. with you?? it's such a waste of time.owh, btw thanks for the topup. well, i'm not a peanut who forget it skin. don't get me wrong, you may be a good friend if you stop doing such flirty thing. yeahh, i'm sick of it too. don't ever cross your mind that you could seek for a girl's attention by showing the 'power' of your word. it sucks, oke! hell ya, sowey to say all this. its just a way for me to show how i feel unsatisfied to you.

Versi Kyra ;

hoy ! haiyo,dont u understand haa.i RIMASS with you.why u still dont understand what i am saying.even if i not saying it,why dont u just understand it by ur own.RIMASS RIMASS RIMASS ! im tired of u.u make my day full of ur text.hurghh.if im not replying,its mean i got job to do.u think i want to text u all the time ke haa ? heh.sorry.i also got other things to do and other people to text on.and one more thing,please dont be BAJET like i want u desperately.or u want a girl desperately actually ? mcm SANGAP sgtt -_- and stop say tome or show an action like u are RICH enough.its not u oke,but its actually ur parents that rich.heh.hell ya,sorry to say those words for you.haha ;)

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