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Pii Arrr Ess (?)
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What is it ? aiyoyo.its mean PRS.ahaha.just for fun i put the words Pii Arr Ess :) once again,i become the *'Do It,Duit' treasurer.hee.what a mess ! plus,i have to finish the work paper.but unfortunately,i'm not touch thet paper work yet.lazy,lazy and lazy.soon larhh.we got so many projects to be handled.aiyoyo.i think i can die ! but,its okay.i got friends around me.they are my spitir and strength for sure.thanks friends :D hey,look at our President's face.haha.looks quite 'horror'.haha.kiddin~ and yes,the vice pres,Huda R.she's a nice person.and then,my team (Multimedia dan Komunikasi) lead by Hann.lastly our motivator,Puan Haslina :)

*Joe Flizzow's song

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