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heart/hatebreaker (!)
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do myself was a heartbreaker or a hatebreaker.duhh,idk what to say.sorry.i do not mean anything to make u just like me,myself is still been surround by my last awful memories on those serious relationship.i don't say that i hate boys.but i guess some people can understand what my feeling.being dumped and cheated.but nahh.all of those are the most unforgettable memories and scenes.hahaha :) thats why seriously i'm not ready yet for any that kinda serious relationship.i hope u understand.i think a friend status is more suitable for us.yeahh.more,more,more and more suitable.that is it.fullstop ! maybe people will ask, 'kyra,whose that person ?'.i guess i just kept his name.for those people who know,just keep it by yourself.i dont want more people to get know more about it :)


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