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A girl meet a girl !
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Hey.for this moment,i want to talk bout this girl that i always call her Gedik.i guess i always put up on her story on my blog.thats why she is so perfectly fit with that title.haha.kiddin~ but i know she will never being touching with me :D oke,from the picture,u can know her name.haa,what what?already know.naah,like i just say just now.she always appear on my blog.unless u dont update with my blog,then u will not know her.her name is dayane.i mean her nickname.just call her like that.people loves to 'bully' her.haha.i like that.even the Tepeng students also 'bully' her.nice job Tepeng students!haha.thumbs up for all of u.especially 3 of Tepeng students that i met during the Kursus ALP PUM at MRSM Pengkalan Hulu.they are kiki,dani and luqman :D

oke haa.this girl like to call me as her gf.haiyo.idk how to stop her from calling me like that.and last time i used my Celcom number to make mess with her.and she thinks that im Shaik.idk what the world who is Shaik,but i just agree with it.ahaha.but last time,she manages to get know that the 'Shaik' is actually Shakira :D pity u dayane (!) she also always asking for my help.for her blog layout,myspace layout.all the coding coding things larh.well dayane,i HEBAT rite ? :DD dont want to talk much bout her.if not she will be extremely bajet.ahaha.dayane dayane :) thanks for this friendship.even sometimes i feel like i want to hit u ! :DD


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