My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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It has been almost one year been with much i love this class that i might cry if i flash back those memories.all those all days had really thought me what does a friendship called on :) naah,i really hope that all of us would still be at the same class for next year ; 506.but no.there's no others way that we can avoid the college procedure.we had to separate.the Account and Tassawur students had to go to another class.yeahh,not forgot,the upcoming Seni students.duhh,how much im going to be crazy-ing missing this class.its a long story to be told about this Woohaa clas ; 406 :) being a treasurer in this class is a wonderful job.i admit it.even sometime it was really hard to collect fulus from some students.but that he challenges.yeahh !

Hazmin,the KSU.Amalina,the PKSU.Syamil,the secretary.Kyra,the treasurer.and last but not least,a bunch of my class most lovers ; muiz,amirul,ami,TFA,nonie,azzah,syira,pojie,JJ,atok,aliah,debbie,adha,shamee,yasmin,tiah,wawa,atikah,asma,jaya,hilmi,pidot,pa,azfar,syed,hafizan :) i do heart all of you.


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