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remember ;D
10:35 AM | 0 Comment(s) during class PJ.what an exciting activity.urkk.but FB cannot be on ;(
last 22-24 oct,i went to mrsm PH.for the 'kursus ALP pum'.i met dayane,cheng,kiki,dani n luqman from! ;D

i really missing dayane and nahh.there,i meet her there :) although the kursus are little bit boring,esp during the talk session about bussiness,i really love i really spend my time wit the students from all MRSM at north.and the 1st day,i get a magazine from the caunselor of PH.he said i could be his awek.haha.thanks only cekgu mozek~ then,i meet with Fareez Adam's friend from i know why they keep smiling and snap pictures.its all because that mamat Fareez wants my pic.duhh,dat boy.haha.really funny.we also go to the Radix HPA company.really excited ! :D

go back to college on Sunday around 3.30 pm.sorry pakcik Li for our late.hehe.biase lahh pompuan kn ;p when the van start to move,all the students from PH are laughing at us.u know why ? its all because the van's mirror are gone and pakcik Li had replaced it with plastic as the cover-.- i know some of you cannot imagine it.only KB-ians know it.but dats really funny.ahaha.

well,i will never forget all that days at PH.
KURSUS ALP PUM 2010; syamil,paan,kyra,haniff,pikah :DD

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