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here it goes :)
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deyhh.looks like times keep go and go.i got news from Syamil that i might replaced Amalina Farzana for the kursus ALP PUM at MRSM Pengkalan Hulu,Perak this Friday.urkk.or maybe at Felda Trolak.idk yet.yess.possibly i will met with Dayane my dearest GF ;) and Cheng also.Insyaallah.

now i am using internet during the science comp period.actually this is an extra class for the students to finish their Basic Visual project.but like usual,we all should thake oppurtinity.haha :D nice~well,exam sem 2 is coming this 1 Nov.gosshh ! idk wut will last result is bad.truly bad.hurghh.God,help us :(

and idk wut to type time maybe.

to wawi,imy darl.when we will meet again?
dayane,thanks for that post.i appreciate it :))

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