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what their talks ? (part 1)
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the quest :
shakira,i wish i could...

nur diana affendi;
*be ur gurlfren for my whole lifetyme n i know u'll owez luv me

muhammad fakhrul akmal;
*hold ur hand..tighly..i'll never let u go..4eva..chewah,hahaha

atilia hisyam;
*see you again at maktab where i can 'cubit' you.hahaha

muhammad hakim;
*wish u gdlck 4 tmrrow

syahirah khusairi;
*be ur future hsbnd,the father of ur future children,the son-in-law of ur mom n dad,the bro-in-law of ur bros n sisi.By-ur boyfiee:p hee...

nur alif arfi;
*wish you best of luck for your comming exam

muhammad daniel;
*sleep with peacefully.

nur farah;
*release my tension.

hafizuddin 408;
*see u histeria tonight..haha

muhammad zakwan sufi;

fatin fatihah;
*love u till laz breath.nk hug greatest bestiee ever.Haha.we both,sme2 chumeyl.BFF 4E;)

muhammad fadzlan;
*be ur frenz till i cloze my eyes:-)

najwa najihah;
*hug and tell you how much i miss you and i want to tell you how lcky i am to own you as a super duper friend ;D

*say that i miss you so much and gud luck

uzair 407;
*say dat u r not good at marching at all.hahaha.i saw u dat day,but hnestly u look cute when u smile :-)

fatin izzati;
*meet u n all 1st batch stdnt again.F4 jea.

*see u and kiss u..and kick u..and smash u..hahaha

nur nabilah;
*say that i knew ur kazen,arif shauqi!hhaa

muhammad amirol aizat;
*see you face to face and say this word..i..mi..cewahh!!xdela,aku cuma hrp hg xde smpan dndam atau sakit ati kat aku..klo ade sory la ye

azam 402;
*tell you that i like you..

hazlami fikri;
*fly..then,i want to fly again..hahaha.

*be ur BF one day... :-)

HAHA.its fun to get to know it :DD
wait for the part 2 !

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