My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Muhammad Firdaus Bin Norizan

boy,i'm sorry for being rude.i just cant hold it.its bad.really bad.i dont know what to say.i'm just.hmm.i feel really bad rite now.its always bad,bad,bad.i dont know why.

i deleting my last s*cks post.i just cant think.i'm really heartbroken.

dat night,when we text,my mind cannot just full with questions,'why he done this silly thing on me ? do i too jerk to be with him ? what should i do ? i love him,but he ?'.

there u many quest dat i cant sleep until 2 o'clock.terrible.messy !

I LOVE U.but please,stop all this.i cant hold it.i'm not strong enough.i'm just a girl.that need to be care,not to be hurt.

ILY b.

p/s;sorry once again for being rude.sorry dear.sorry.i really dont mean it.

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