My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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now i can smile BIG BIG.nmpk gigi pon ta kesah.besa besa.hee :DD yawww !

ohh yeahh.i wake up with a messy hair.bukak lgsir n daa ! saket ny chy mthari neyh.n then i realised,'hey,my hair is brown yeah ?'.but a little larhh.hha.

i heading to my hw destination.ohh goshh ! byk ag ta bwat.hha.

i had planned dat all dis week is my hw time.1st week had just gone.n dis is d last week.ohh dear ! i want holidays more.ane cukop duerr mnggu :(

keyh keyh.hw,here i come ! bummbumm ! :p

hey firdaus,thanks !

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