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special written ;)
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i keep think n think.should i put his pic here ?
then my mind said,'no need.they want to know,they find it by themselves.'

keyh.then.lets start our writing:D *excited !


i find this boy at myspace.back to 3 years ago.
when i still get learn what is myspace,frindster blablabla.
he is a f2 student that mrsm KK.

then he ask for my phone number and i give it.
cause i think this boy,maybe a good person larr ;p
* maybe

then,starting from that day,we keep texting.
many things i know bout him,his school and others.
its fun to text sumone dat we never met before ;)

times keep come and come.we never lost contact.
until this moment;2010.

3 years had gone since i know him,from a jr until a sr.
haha.seriusly,what can i said,i like him.his style and all larh.
he always be my BFF. * pdot,u know what dat stand for rite ? ;)

i never thought dat this relationship can become like this.
anyway,thanks to God,i found a friend that really make me a smile a lot.

* it sounds more like history between me and him,rite ?

to dat person;
i bwat neyh special credit utk u tw;) i write it with all my heart neyh.hehe.
i like u pdot.egt tw.i ta kn pnh luper dkt u.sbb u larhh kwn i yg plg hebatt!
well,i also hope,u ta luper kat i.soe utk sumer silap slh.lwk jea sumer tu.
u really fill my day wit ur stupid jokes.make me smile a really really lot.
thanks dear for all dat.thanks.


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