My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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oh gosh !
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i really mish him.
only god knows it.

i sndri pon ta phm dgn prsaan neyh.
ak ptot aggp dyerr just as my friend only.
tp hati neyh,
DEGIL sgt !

da la.

dye bkn pnh amek kesah pon.
dyer twu na ader gurl mmjg jea.
tp pape pon,i always support him.
even when he said he have a new gurl.

cause i had promise him,
dat i will always support him.

*for his sake jgakk :D

mlm smlm,pegi jusco ngan family.
asl nyer na jumpe fafat la kt ctu.

tp ta nmpk btg hidung dyerr pon.

i brought a new book,
call; Siapakah Khadijah Binti Khuwailid ?

seriously,cter dyer mmg best.
bwu i twu asl usul isteri Nabi neyh.

nothing to write more.
later larhh.

mls nye na mghdapai esok hari ! !


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